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Cosmetic Dentistry
Cosmetic Dentistry

As a North Vancouver cosmetic dentist, we offer a full range of treatments to make you feel great and help you achieve your full potential in life. From whitening services to veneers, Capilano Mall Dental Centre will help you transform your smile so you can embrace your future with confidence.

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Teeth that are chipped, cracked, worn, spaced unevenly, crowded, or severely stained can be transformed using porcelain veneers. Thin shells of durable and natural looking ceramic are fixed directly to the front surface of your teeth. The result is a natural, brilliant looking smile without the need for extensive orthodontics or tooth restructuring.


The bonding process helps to reduce gaps and spaces between teeth.


The contouring process is designed to essentially rebuild the shape of your teeth. By resizing and reshaping the teeth you can transform your smile.

Ceramic Crowns

A ceramic crown will last for many years and dramatically improve your smile.

A bright, brilliant smile is essential to maximizing your quality of life and even achieving your full career potential. Let the most caring cosmetic dentist in North Vancouver help you smile more confidently.

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