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North Vancouver Sports Guards

Guards, Bite Appliances
Guards, Bite Appliances

Are you one of the many people who grind their teeth while they sleep? Do you play sports? Our dental experts provide specialized custom bite appliance and sports guard fittings for ideal protection of your teeth.

Sports Guards

Sports guards prevent your teeth from being damaged should you ever make hard contact with something that will cause your teeth to break or become damaged. These devices allow you to carry on playing sports worry-free where your smile is concerned.

Bite Appliances

The act of grinding your teeth in your sleep is a condition called bruxism. Many people are affected by this condition, but the damage done by it is entirely avoidable. If you’ve ever been observed grinding your teeth in your sleep, or have found yourself to have jaw pain in the morning, our dental professionals can fit you with a safe and comfortable bite appliance to ensure no long term damage is done to your teeth while you sleep.

Damage done through contact in sports or grinding your teeth in your sleep is something that is entirely avoidable. If you have a concern, let us fit you with a sports guard or bite appliance today.

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